Friday, February 12, 2010

Varahanatha Kalahalli

One has to travel from Pandavapura-Bookanekere-Varahanatha Kalahalli
to reach this place.I was impressed by this place after seeing a fellow blogger Aravind who has a knack to exploring ancient temples.

It was quite a dissapointment for me since the temple was being broken into
pieces to build a new structure.I am certainly not sure what was the need for it.Generally as a matter of rule ,one is not supposed to see the vigraha when it is under renovation.It is as a rule that they move it to a neigbouring area and offer pooja when the renovation work is being done.

But i am glad that this was not done since that would mean taking a chance with the 18 feet idol of Lord Varahanatha.I am pretty sure they would have screwed the idol for sure.The renovation work is going to take another year i was told my the priest.The vigraha is packed with sand bags and now lays among the ruins of the structure being dismantled

After paying respect at the makeshift temple which has a quite a decent picture of the main idol,i decided to have some lunch on the banks of the kabini backwaters.It was heartening to see some lovely birds on which i spent some time clicking away their pictures.I then decided that it was time to head for Hosaholalu from here.

I was in for more surprises.I also found some lovely flamingoes in one of
the small lake a little ahead.It was certainly a treat for the eyes.I would certainly love to come back to this place once again to see the vigraha of Lord Varahanatha in full splendour

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Aparna V K said...

Dude, that's a painted stork not Flamingo