Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hosaholalu and Kikkeri Bramheswara

Hosaholalu has an ancient Venkteshwara temple.Dissapointment once again for me since the priest had gone to Tirupati to invite them.Spending a few moments in the garden which is quite well maintained since it is under the ASI.

I decided to head towards Kikkeri.When i reached the place,the place was locked.A person there suggested that i go and request the priest who stays in the next lane.I walked down through the village to find the priest.When i knocked on his door ,he was having his lunch ,i patiently waited for him to complete.

He came along in his cycle about 15 minutes.During our interaction i came to know that he was from Shringeri and we both were pretty much from the same place.He showed me around the place.This has to be one of the best temples i have visited till date.The carvings are pretty much intact right through the temple ,it was a delight to the eyes.

Godess Chamundeshwari

Intricately carved pillars

Lord Channakeshava

Some parts of the temple are still incomplete indicating a war or some other kind of instablity leading to the incomplete sculptures.After a brief prayer he showed me around the temple.The huge nandi is simply amazing.Besides Nandi it also houses some very intricately carved sculptures of Lord Ganesha,Godess Chamundeshwari,Lord Channakeshava besides the main idol of Shiva linga.

The dateline dates back to ,when apparently the queen wanted to build a temple for lord Brahma,apparently was later advised by the courtiers not to do so.The queen then had a dream where Lord Shiva appeared and asked her to build a temple for him.Hence the name Brameshwara.

There is also a temple of Godess Parvathy which is set to have been built about 500 years later.The location of this temple is behind a huge lake .I can only wonder the granduer of this peaceful ,amazing temple in its hay days .

Today it is just a mute witness to the past.The temple has gone through some tumultous times with it being closed for almost 2 years inbetween for want of priests.The local MLA has spent about 2 lakhs to get some repairs done.I do hope the temple is preserved for the days to come

Friday, February 12, 2010

Varahanatha Kalahalli

One has to travel from Pandavapura-Bookanekere-Varahanatha Kalahalli
to reach this place.I was impressed by this place after seeing a fellow blogger Aravind who has a knack to exploring ancient temples.

It was quite a dissapointment for me since the temple was being broken into
pieces to build a new structure.I am certainly not sure what was the need for it.Generally as a matter of rule ,one is not supposed to see the vigraha when it is under renovation.It is as a rule that they move it to a neigbouring area and offer pooja when the renovation work is being done.

But i am glad that this was not done since that would mean taking a chance with the 18 feet idol of Lord Varahanatha.I am pretty sure they would have screwed the idol for sure.The renovation work is going to take another year i was told my the priest.The vigraha is packed with sand bags and now lays among the ruins of the structure being dismantled

After paying respect at the makeshift temple which has a quite a decent picture of the main idol,i decided to have some lunch on the banks of the kabini backwaters.It was heartening to see some lovely birds on which i spent some time clicking away their pictures.I then decided that it was time to head for Hosaholalu from here.

I was in for more surprises.I also found some lovely flamingoes in one of
the small lake a little ahead.It was certainly a treat for the eyes.I would certainly love to come back to this place once again to see the vigraha of Lord Varahanatha in full splendour

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Gargeshwari Ganesha,Eshwara devasthana

My main target when i set out was Gargeshwari devasthana near T-narsipura

I set out early at 5:45 am ,a quick pit-stop to fill the fuel and i was off to mysore road.I broke at bidadi for a quick breakfast consisting of thatte idli and vade.

Gargeshwari is a small village about 26 kms from mysore on the way to T-Narsipura.It is supposed to be quite old temple.The main deity is Lord shiva in the form of ardhanareshwara. The temple is known to have some divine powers

A small ganesha vigraha is kept near the main deity.A small brief about the ganesha.

On the first go ,you can lift the ganesha vigraha after making a brief prayer effortlessly
Then you can think of some work aka harike ,then you try to lift the same ganesha vigraha-this time if you are work will succeed ,the ganesha will not move from there .if it does then your work will not be done.It does have some strange power ,something which cant be explained by science and logic.Besides this there is nothing much ,except for a few more sculptures.

After spending some time i headed back.On the way back i also saw a huge lake with a small tower depicting the logo of a the erstwhile hosyala dynasty.

From here i headed towards Varahanatha Kalahalli

Shani Shingnapur ,Ranjangaon Asthavinayak and Shirdi

After an invitation from my former professor i planned to visit Pune.That is when he suggested about Shani Shignapur that i decided to visit the place

Shani Shignapur is about 250 kms from Pune.It is the oldest and most unique of Shani temples.We started at 9:30 am.At about 11 am ,we reached Ranjangaon ,one of the Ashtavinayaks.The idol is worth seeing ,although it is painted by flouroscent orange.After paying our repects to Lord Ganesha we headed towards Shani Shingnapur

As we entered Shani Shingnapur ,we noticed that none of the houses had any sort of doors.That is the unique thing about this place ,it is believed that Lord Shani guards the entire place.A person who steals is known not to have survived in this holy place.

Photography is not allowed inside the temple.The main vigraha ,is nothing but a granite stone in open air which is another unique thing about this place.Pilgrims offer gingely oil,flowers,coconut and flowers at this place.

Women are allowed inside the temple but are not allowed to climb the small pedastal where Lord Shani is installed.One has to take a bath and walk with the dhoti(no other clothes are allowed) to climb this small pedastal.After offering the oil,flowers at this place we finished the darshan of Lord Shani

True incident: A team of rationlists who apparently didnt believe that this place is guarded by Lord Shani had challenged that they would steal in this place and had even announced there stay for about 3 days in a bid to do so.However on the second day of the challenge the team mysteriously dissappered never to return back to Shani Shingnapur

There are some things that i certainly believe that Science cant explain comprehensively.From here Shirdi is about 60 kms .After paying our respect to Shirdi Sai baba,we returned back.Although this was only a 500 kms journey from pune-ranjangaon-Shanishingnapur-Shirdi-Pune,it was certainly more challenging since i had to travel as soon as i came to pune by bus and the next day evening i had to return to bangalore.

A small trip over the weekend ,a cool 2600kms journey was a bit taxing ,but was certainly satisfying

Trivial: Just love this Bajaj Advt on Shani Shingnapur