Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hosaholalu and Kikkeri Bramheswara

Hosaholalu has an ancient Venkteshwara temple.Dissapointment once again for me since the priest had gone to Tirupati to invite them.Spending a few moments in the garden which is quite well maintained since it is under the ASI.

I decided to head towards Kikkeri.When i reached the place,the place was locked.A person there suggested that i go and request the priest who stays in the next lane.I walked down through the village to find the priest.When i knocked on his door ,he was having his lunch ,i patiently waited for him to complete.

He came along in his cycle about 15 minutes.During our interaction i came to know that he was from Shringeri and we both were pretty much from the same place.He showed me around the place.This has to be one of the best temples i have visited till date.The carvings are pretty much intact right through the temple ,it was a delight to the eyes.

Godess Chamundeshwari

Intricately carved pillars

Lord Channakeshava

Some parts of the temple are still incomplete indicating a war or some other kind of instablity leading to the incomplete sculptures.After a brief prayer he showed me around the temple.The huge nandi is simply amazing.Besides Nandi it also houses some very intricately carved sculptures of Lord Ganesha,Godess Chamundeshwari,Lord Channakeshava besides the main idol of Shiva linga.

The dateline dates back to ,when apparently the queen wanted to build a temple for lord Brahma,apparently was later advised by the courtiers not to do so.The queen then had a dream where Lord Shiva appeared and asked her to build a temple for him.Hence the name Brameshwara.

There is also a temple of Godess Parvathy which is set to have been built about 500 years later.The location of this temple is behind a huge lake .I can only wonder the granduer of this peaceful ,amazing temple in its hay days .

Today it is just a mute witness to the past.The temple has gone through some tumultous times with it being closed for almost 2 years inbetween for want of priests.The local MLA has spent about 2 lakhs to get some repairs done.I do hope the temple is preserved for the days to come

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