Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Gargeshwari Ganesha,Eshwara devasthana

My main target when i set out was Gargeshwari devasthana near T-narsipura

I set out early at 5:45 am ,a quick pit-stop to fill the fuel and i was off to mysore road.I broke at bidadi for a quick breakfast consisting of thatte idli and vade.

Gargeshwari is a small village about 26 kms from mysore on the way to T-Narsipura.It is supposed to be quite old temple.The main deity is Lord shiva in the form of ardhanareshwara. The temple is known to have some divine powers

A small ganesha vigraha is kept near the main deity.A small brief about the ganesha.

On the first go ,you can lift the ganesha vigraha after making a brief prayer effortlessly
Then you can think of some work aka harike ,then you try to lift the same ganesha vigraha-this time if you are work will succeed ,the ganesha will not move from there .if it does then your work will not be done.It does have some strange power ,something which cant be explained by science and logic.Besides this there is nothing much ,except for a few more sculptures.

After spending some time i headed back.On the way back i also saw a huge lake with a small tower depicting the logo of a the erstwhile hosyala dynasty.

From here i headed towards Varahanatha Kalahalli

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