Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Aramane gadde -part 3

We started a wee bit late on day 3 by 10 am after packing up the stuff at our camp site.We reached a point from where we planned to visit choudeshwari devasthana deep inside the forest.

It is a small rock which vikram believes has some mystic powers.We trekked along and thanked the godess choudeshwari for having a safe trek in this dense forest and thanked her for blessings bestowed on us.

Enroute to Choudeshwari devasthana on day 3

Above : Another view of Aramane gadde

View on our final descent to the highway

The trek to and back from this place was again through grasslands which took us close to an hour.We started back our journey and reached the peak from where we had to descent.The look of the steep path which was about 70 degrees or more made me into a tizzy.

This has to be the trickiest descent that i have made till date.Loose gravel all along with ravines dropping to more than 4000 feet both sides is quite a task.The sun coming out blazing which only made things more tricky.The views on all the sides of the shiradi ghats is simply amazing.One can view the gundya dam being built from here.On the descent we came across some semi -precious stones-rubies

Above : We descended from the peak that can be seen above

Above : On our descent we found some semi precious stones,seen here is ruby

We broke only once in between on this descent ,finally making it to the shola forest ,where we had our lunch.I decided to give it a break since i was feeling uneasy due to the heat.We finally reached the highway at 2:30 pm bringing to an end a memorable trek.

I was dropped in a jeep till the choudeshwari devasthana of the highway from where i took a bus to dharmasthala enroute to Valikunju trek.

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