Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Aramane gadde part 2

Day 2 woke up early and had tea.Went up a small peak nearby.Came back and freshened up.By now the breakfast was ready-avalakki

Above : View from where i slept :)

Had avalakki and off we were ready to go for the hike.We started at 9:15 am.We walked along some steep peaks and bypassing some of them in between.This period was quite tricky since all of the peaks has small rocks most of which have been displaced -the handiwork of wild boars which have been looking for some roots and starch berries below the ground.

Each step is tricky with valley on on side and nothing to hold on to the other side.After 2 hours of tough trekking we came along to a small peak which would further lead us to the highest peak in the area -Peak 6960.We took a small here just before the ascent below a small tree.We enjoyed the gentle breeze here and had some water.Somewhere as we crossed on this path we are separated by dense tropical evergreen forest on one side and small shola patches on the other side.This area is a bear path and both of us tredged cautiously and vikram stopped by on hearing the slightest sound in the noiseless forest that we were trekking along.

Above : View enroute to peak 6960

View from peak 6960

Above : Undulating hills on the descent from peak 6960

Above : Enroute to basecamp from peak 6960

Off we started on a animal track from here.Again the final ascent to peak 6960 was a real tricky one with lots of small rocks displaced making climbing very difficult.

Finally we reached the peak 6960 at around 11:30.We rested here and chatted along exchanging ideas about nature.The view from this peak will blow anyone of his feet.Some very very dense forest can be viewed from here ,thick canopy of evergreen forests going as far as the eye can see.This is one of the moments that i will cherish for a long time,some very dense core forests peppered with some great grasslands.

We started from peak 6960 ,taking a different route as we started back taking a couple of breaks inbetween.The return journey was again from some amazing grasslands undulating humps ,we came back to the basecamp by 2pm and we had lunch and relaxed.

I dozed off after lunch.Woke up and caught up with faint sunset.The gang had tea together and chatted for sometime.The day ended and i hit the bed at around 10pm.Somewhere around 11:30 pm the folks spurred up the fireplace which had gone dull ,leading do a loud growl in the valley ,there was a silence at the camp.At midnight i was awakened to a drizzle ,i was quick to safeguard my camera.

The next morning chat confirmed that it was a tiger which had growled the previous night.One of the guys also showed some old tiger dropping near our camping place.This place is one of the closest i have come to the big cat-truly a great experience

To be continued...

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