Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pyramid Society

On a normal saturday i got a call from my uncle to visit the Pyramid situated on Kanakapura road.

It was a lovely ride all the way to the pyramid with some rains as well.The trees situated on either side of the road soothes the eye for a urban animal like me.

We spent close to an hour.One has to be quiet since the place inside the pyramid is strictly for meditation ,no one is allowed to talk.Below are some snaps taken from my mobile

The Pyramid is located Kanakapura road ,about 40kms from Bangalore,and about 18 kms from the Art of living at a place called Kebbedodddi village

More information can be found at : -


gayathri said...

The place really looks serene! Good photographs.

vtagat said...

it is a great place with lots of energy circulating !!. many people do not this place as yet, so it is calm and quiet

Lakshmi said...

Kanakpura road has many interesting places to see..:)

The wild said...

Thanks folks for your comments

Right ,they are just waiting to be discovered :)