Monday, May 10, 2010

Narayanswamy betta

With very little information i set out to explore this little known destination.Set out early in the morning around 6 am on a saturday morning.Soon i was zipping past on the mysore highway.There is something which really eggs me on in a car,although it is only a maruti 800 :)

Soon i reached bidadi ,had thatte idli for breakfast.After making a few enquiries i headed towards Chikkakuntanahalli.I was stopped abruptly my Lord Hanuman at this point!!!.

After a few enquiries about Naraynaswamy betta i was directed towards the place.The countryside is very nice to view.One can see the village is buzzing with activity.The oxes are getting ready,the women are busy with rangoli infront of the house.The small kids look in awe as a car passes through the village waving at me.Rich fields soothes my eyes on both sides of the road

An enquiry about the temple is met with a detailed reply about the place.It gives me great pleasure to travel in my state.Finally as i came near to the place,the road turned into a mud road,finally reaching the base of the temple.

After praying to Lord Venkateshwara,i decided to explore the rocky hill.Spent my time exploring the place.Relaxed on top of a boulder overlooking the valley from where one can see plain lands far away.There is a huge jackfruit tree ,the surprising thing i found is it is very cool below this tree than under any other tree in the vicinity.

Relaxing in this serene place with some amazing breeze and silence is a moment i will cherish for a long time to come.


vijayashankar metikurke said...

not much of an interest,except the grinning foto of Arjun. may be a cool outing for an evening

rakesh holla said...

Nice place with good writeup...