Friday, January 1, 2010

Basic tenets of trekking

I have been hearing about this for a while and i thought that this deserves a post for sure

1)I have heard from a lot of guides and people who offer their place/food for trekkers being left high and dry since folks from "bangalore" dont turn up

It is a shame that people dont care about time and effort .Most of these guides live on daily wages,so if you are cancelling your trip ,inform him by calling him up,that stands true for people who painstakingly prepare food and folks dont turn up

Remember all it takes is 1 phone call ,please do it

2)Another interesting thing that i find is the so called first time trekkers go in for tough treks like ombattu gudda and the like and get lost

Well it is high time the so called trekkers have some sanity and think before making such blunders.It is suggested that trekkers take guides and have done some amount of trekking before heading for such tough treks


Aravind GJ said...

Well written points!!

Hemmige said...

Absolutely right!!! Very Well said. Some people who organise treks take in first timers to very tough places like OG and at the end of the day, these first timers will be so battered that they will not even try to trek again.