Monday, December 7, 2009


This trek has been by far the most eventful,a tough ,sweet and one of my best treks yet.

The intial plan was to trek to Amedikal and then to Ethina Bhuja.I started of from bangalore on a thursday night.The bus had only about 6 people and by the time it departed had about 20 people onboard,thanks to some indegenious marketing by the driver cum conductor of the KSRTC bus!!!.Soon the trouble started with a small baby started crying.I was concerned when the baby didnt stop crying even after an hour.

I was getting really impatient by then since i couldnt sleep,time was around 11pm.The worst part of it was the child was sitting the same row as mine and it was like a surround sound.But i couldnt say anything.I realised that nothing much could be done,it was after all a kid and really felt sorry for the baby.The guy then later told that it was a 10 month old baby and it was travelling for the first time.

The nice part of it was at around 1am everybody started started trying to help out the couple in giving ideas of put the kid to sleep,the lights were on all through now.At around that time the guy decided to head towards the cabin .Lights went off at around that time.I decided to sleep ,but somehow couldn't sleep.The ride was getting bumpier now .Somewhere at around that time the bus stopped for dinner.The bus started again.Just when the bus had left sakleshpura and just when i was catching with some sleep,i was woken up once again!!!.This time an old man -(a part of a family with his wife and daughter both of whom were asleep) had got down without informing the driver!!!.This was realized by some person who had now cozied up in the cabin-again some 6 people in the cabin- i dont know what was the reason.And the stranger part of it was he informed the driver after about 20kms from sakleshpura!!!.There was commotion and driver was angry as to why folks get down without informing him.There was no signal -finally they managed to contact that old man ,he told that he is in another bus and would join the family at dharmasthala .And then it was the famous shiradi ghat -the bumpy road made sure that i couldnt sleep.

Meanwhile i had by now told the driver about my intention of getting down at Kokkada 3 times lest he forgets in this commotion and i know the pain of not getting down at the right spot.Soon i arrived at Kokkoda.time was 4:30am ,was surprised to see a shop was open at that time!!!.I had nothing to do ,so was chatting up with guy.He confirmed that there would be a milk van which would take me to shishila and it would arrive at 6am.Spent my time idling away.The milk van arrived at 6:20 am and he took me shishila by around 6:55 am.

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