Sunday, September 27, 2009


I was wondering what to do on the weekend when sid told me about aiyur reserveforest.So
i decided to join him and two other folks from his office who were coming for this trip. We were to join ashish-sids friend at electronic city,luckily i got a direct bus to electronic city ,reached there by 9am,had to wait for a while before sid and his friends joined us.

We headed towards hosur,passing through country side enjoying spotting birds,some amazing pleasant weather.We reached a small hamlet where we decided to have lunch.The lunch was simply amazing to say the least.Hot sambhar and rice -it just made my day :)

We headed towards the aiyur forest,spent some time at the water hole,nice cool atmosphere with gentle breeze blowing.shortly thereafter we visited the spider valley home to some unqiue spiders which is why the name.

Spent some time at the valley,then on the way back we visited the watch tower.Headed back by 5pm ,had coffee on the way back,reached back home by 8pm,all in all it was a good relaxing ಡೇ

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