Saturday, May 2, 2009

A tribute to a good friend

We first met Boraiah as a rookie straight out of the IFS exam on his first assignment.He was a mild mannered gentleman who was indeed very friendly.

It was a fun trek to Nagamalai on which he accompanied us as a guide and never during this trek did he cease an oppurtunity to interact with the locals to check on the movements of elephants and other wildlife in the area.Speaking chaste kannada we were certainly impressed by his knowledge of the local wildlife as well the different flora in the jungles.The trek went to smoothly at the end of which we found a good friend for life.

It is said that all good things start with a small dream and as a small boy in his school,he was enamoured by the forests.It was one such dream on a visit to BR hills as a school kid that he had dreamt of being a forest officer.Today we can proudly say that he has achieved some remarkable things which could not be achieved by previous officers

It was dream come true for him as was posted to BR hills on his first assignment.Since then he has solved numerous problems of wildlife and the local tribals .These are not just mere words ,they are true in every sense.The high point in his career has to be the fact that in his jusridiction last year not a single elephant death was reported whereas elephant deaths are mounting in the entire state.

We as a part of our trek team of Subbu,Raghu,Chandru,Hemanth,Pavan,Santosh and Arjun wish Boraiah a great and successful life ahead on the occasion of his marriage.May Boraiah achieve many more laurels in future as well.

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Anonymous said...

Nice write up Arjun.
Completely agree with you. Rare to find such governement officers.
Kudos to Boriah !!!!