Monday, June 16, 2014

The big Europe tour -Amsterdam

After a lot of planning two families decided to go ahead with the trip.It was Sreekanth ,his wife and their son along with me and my wife who went on this trip.The first stop of the trip was Amsterdam.We took a 10 am flight from Belfast landing in Amsterdam Schipol airport by around 12:30 pm.It was a good flight.We were about five of us ,planned to hire the car and take it across Europe.

We hired the car after some initial hiccups with some of the formalities ,we were finally on our way across the city albeit a bit nervous ,keeping track of which was the right side of the road.The only big change is that its a left hand drive and driving rules are exactly opposite of what rules exist in UK.Here you keep to the right side of the road whereas in UK you need to keep left.My friend drove across the entire trip since i wasnt too sure if i would be confident of driving with this big change right away.

We headed to the hotel,after checking in and after freshening up a bit decided to head out to check out the place.

Soon we found out ,people of Amsterdam just love their cycles,you can spot a heavy influx of cycles.To go with that there are dedicated cycle stands across the city and parking slots.The biggest parking lot can be found near the railway station.We took the trams which criss-cross the city and are an interesting way to discover the city.We reached the city center to get on to a cruise across the various waterways of Amsterdam.

The cruise is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes and gives a good idea of different parts of Amsterdam.We did see some big cruise ships docked near the docks

There are some interesting old world bridges which have still been maintained.One thing you have to remember in Amsterdam is that cyclist has the right of way no matter what you are driving a car,a bus,a tram or even walking.Cyclists dont wait for anybody.Amsterdam is a relatively busy city and it was bustling when we visited this time.

Amsterdam is also known for its red light area.Its historically well known and a lot of people come down to visit these places and other ancillary shows.Most people visit this place to get a feel of how things are and to know about the place.However this place was vetoed many times over and we had to give it a miss this time around.

We ended the day by heading to a delicious Indian restuarant ,thanks to the diligence of my wife who had found the address and the way to get there after we finished our river cruise


praveen pandit said...

This is really outstanding . Thanks for sharing your experience with us . These pictures are beautiful . europe tour package

Sujatha Sathya said...

cyclists has the way ! wow! that's something to emulate and wonderful to know
lovely pics esp of the bridge
must have been a very memorable trip
i like the "hire a car and drive around" trips